CNC Control YK7230 worm wheel gear grinding machine

YK7230 is a CNC worm wheel gear grinding machine with simultaneously control 6 Axes of 9. It features with the unique design in transmission, driving, auto tool alignment and auto workpiece load/unload sys, perform a high speed grinding with great efficiency and accuracy.


CNC Control YK3132 Gear Hobbing machine

YK3132 is a full CNC gear hobbing machine with 6 CNC axes: hobbing feed axis X, hobbing vertical feed axis Z, hobbing head horizontal moving axis Y, workpiece indexing axis C, hobbing head rotating axis A, and hobbing head vertically indexing axis B. Employing with high precision Electronic Gear Box, the machine greatly improves gear indexing accuracy and machining efficiency. The machine adopts with high precision guideways and dual lead worm wheel pair.


CNC Control YK7236B worm wheel gear grinding machine

YK7236B CNC Worm Wheel Gear Grinding Machine utilizes a continuous generating or shift grinding principle similar to the machinations experienced in a gear hobbing machine. The electric gearbox (EGB) transmission unique to this type of gear grinding machine shortens the length of the internal transmission chain and makes this machine highly efficient and accurate. This machine is ideally designed for batches production/grinding gears.