Form Gear Grinders


QC YK7332A
CNC Horizontal Form Gear Grinding Machine

A tremendously flexible grinding platform that has been customized for a variety of applications, the #7332 series form grinding machine utilizes an on-board dressing system and PC Based NUM Axium Power 1050H conversational control system for its operation. Used for grinding precision custom and standard gears with diameters around 320mm (13"), the #7332 has hundreds of installations around the globe.

With a unique, horizontal workholding design, the grinding head and 15KW (20HP) spindle moves relative to the fixed workpiece and grinding wheel dresser, simplifying setups.

Custom lead and profile modifications are par for this series, along with customized tip and root requirements that are a breeze with our well developed software.

Grinding components such as cycloid gears, splines and worms are also possible, with optional software. Our smallest machine with a big enclosure, the #7332 has evolved over the years to incorporate a multitude of workpieces that make this machine invaluable to the research and development lab, the job shop or even the short-run production shop!
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QC YK7340
CNC Horizontal Form Gear & Specialty Grinding Machine
Similar to its smaller brother, the #7332, the #7340 series represents a unique design philosophy from QC. A different design and engineering team developed this machine with a clean sheet of paper; independently from the #7332. Coming on-line a few years later than the #7332, the #7340 has some unique features that enhance capabilities in a 400,0mm (16") class grinding machine.

Utilizing a Siemens 840D control, servos and drives, the #7340 also is configured differently to become more flexible where unique grinding opportunities are present. Splines, for example, are much more commonly ground on this machine as opposed to the #7332. Many of the QC specialized grinders are based upon and utilize the base and major components of the #7340. Also incorporating a design where the workpiece is held horizontally, this machine differs from the #7332 in that the grinding head and 11.5KW (15.42HP) remains fixed (save for head angle) and the workpiece table and dresser are moved towards the grinding head. Such a feature allows for greater capacity and a larger range of workpieces.
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QC YK7380
CNC Vertical Form Gear Grinding Machine
The QC American #7380 is a world-class, high-precision external form grinding machine with 800mm (32") capacity utilized for all manner of gears with face widths up to 550,0mm (22"). The #7380 Features on-board wheel dressing, a PC-Based NUM Axium Power 1050 Total Numerical Control conversational control system, an on-board inspection measurement with printing capability and a large, flexible grinding area. The #7380 can compete with the best form grinding machines available on the market today in speed and accuracy.

A somewhat close cousin to the venerable #7332 and #7340 series horizontal machines, the #7380 is a vertically oriented entry-level machine with a flexible rotary table configuration suitable for a wide variety of different workpieces and any number of workholding systems. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, QC has enhanced the proven vertical form gear grinder design approach with a simple and rugged, yet extremely accurate grinding machine made to world standards using the best available components. With a 20KW (27 HP) grinding spindle, hydrostatic ways and enclosures designed to be loaded via overhead cranes, there are just shy of 100 #7380's operating around the world as you read this.
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QC YK73125
CNC Vertical Form Gear Grinding Machine
The #73125 is the next larger brother to the proven and popular #7380. With a greater number of installations than the #7380 in the field, the #73125 utilizes the exact same grinding head with a larger capacity base, enclosure and workholding area for external form grinding. Featuring a 20KW (27 HP) grinding spindle and a capacity of 1250,0mm tip diameter (50"), 600,0mm (24") face width capability, the #73125 also utilizes the same software, on-board inspection capability and PC-Based NUM controls package as its smaller brother.

The #73125 is actually flexible enough that a 1500,0mm workpiece (60") will fit in a pinch; and this does provide some insight into how flexible this machine platform really is. With identical features to its smaller relative, the #73125 comes standard with inspection measurement and printing capability featuring Renishaw equipment.
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QC YK73200
CNC Vertical Form Gear Grinding Machine
The QC build philosophy is to design a machine using the best of what has been proven to work on previous (smaller) designs and then start with a design unencumbered by prior constraints. The #73200 is not the largest machine that QC has built, but it is the largest stock 'standard' commercially available machine to date for external form grinding.

With features designed from the beginning to facilitate ease of loading and unloading large and varied workpieces, the #73200 uses similar grinding head designs from its smaller siblings, the #7380 and #73125, but houses these components in a more robust head and column assembly, along with a 40KW (54 HP) grinding spindle. Heavier ways and a more modular enclosure are also used to make for a longer lasting machine capable of up to 1000,0mm face width (40") spur gears. Like its smaller brothers, #7380 and #73125, the #73200 utilizes a one-bed design, ribbed casting for ease of installation and overall stability.
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QC YK75200
CNC Vertical Internal Form Gear Grinder
Using the tried and true #73200 form grinding platform, the #YK75200 is a dedicated internal gear form grinding machine. The largest of its kind, the #75200 uses a PC-Based NUM Axium Power 1050 Total Numerical Control conversational control system, hydrostatic ways and features a whopping 10,000 Kilo (22,000 lbs) max load capacity on the work table. Minimum tip diameter capability of the #75200 is 850,0mm (34"), and face width maximum is 400,0mm (16"). A 16 KW (21.45 HP) Siemens-designed spindle runs a 260,0 to 350,0mm (10.23" - 13.77") diameter grinding wheel. An SBS wheel balancing and acoustic emission monitoring system are standard on all of the QC form grinders to facilitate automatic stock positioning, wheel dressing and automatic stock dividing for greater throughput.
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